A door lock secures your home. Similarly, your website needs security to protect it from hackers. A small green lock protects ensures your website has trusted SSL certificate. However, the “s” with hypertext transfer protocol (short for HTTP) is a symbol of the secure website independent of any language. You can find it in the address bar of every browser. Moreover, it makes visitors entrust you and your business and feel their data secure and safe.

SSL Certificate for the Security of your website

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SSL Certificate
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Trusted SSL Certificate – Need to buy SSL certificate for domain?

SSL certificates comprise of small data files which bind a cryptographic key digitally on website’s data; the name of server, host, domain, company, & location of company inclusively.  After installation on the web server trusted SSL certificate gets active along with the padlock and hypertext transfer protocol secure. Hence, then SSL provider allows secure connection from any website to every browser.

First, SSL secure server provides security to data. The question is what type of data?. The data is online transactions through credit/debit cards, transmission of login credentials, and most importantly SSL encryption secures the browsing of welcoming social media websites. In addition to above, to secure the web traffic on browsers, firm contacts with SSL provider and apply for SSL client certificate authentication. Consequently, trusted SSL certificate providers contact the firm and then the firm purchase trusted SSL certificate.

Once a website gets its SSL digital secure connection with a web server, secure browsing initiates. In return, the trusted SSL provider encrypts the traffic between the server and browser only.

However, its the backend of making a website secure. But how to make it visible for your clients?

After the installation process when you buy an SSL certificate for the website, the hypertext transfer protocol (HTTP) changes to hypertext transfer protocol “secure” (HTTPS). The second confirmation of trusted SSL certificate is that your client can see is a green padlock key or green bar before the domain name of a website in the address bar of any browser.